Post-COVID: Redistribution Of Cards

The crisis is not yet over, but the gaming world has experienced ups and downs and its share of twists and turns, like the medico-social field. Faced with a shortage of sports championships, online betting operators had to adapt from goal to blank. Post-containment will be a major challenge for maintaining the craze for online games, which has increased during this digital period.

An Unsportsmanlike Confinement

In the absence of online casino malaysia on the ground, online card games quickly took over. The operators of sports betting had to find parades, including with short-term strategies: the Belarusian and Australian matches ensured a time bet, to make up for the shortfalls and allow them to stay in the race. But nothing to do: football competitions, horse races fell one by one into the water (so much the better for horses!). The stakes recorded on sports game platforms have dropped dangerously.

In the early days, operators lost an average of 90% of turnover, as underlined by Afjel (French Association of online games). Even if the bets galvanized by the approach of major sports competitions were more and more on the rise, the wave of success was suspended, and the boat of the big stadiums took the water, the majority of matches being postponed like Euro 2020.

Bet At All Costs

Never mind, we fell back on games in a small virtual committee, where the health risk was almost zero, and where the conviviality was stronger than sports betting.

This global crisis affected the bets on football, which attracted 50% of the betting intentions, but also those on tennis and basketball, which lost inexorably ground. The coronavirus suddenly changed the situation: and the expected rebound in demand poured into poker in communicating vessels.

In order not to see the fire of their passion put out, the bettors turned to this attractive and profitable game, online poker. Confinement obliges, the advantages of conviviality being obvious, the demand has peaked, striking, and stumbling.

Big Winner

The findings are unanimous; the sports field has not escaped the rule: in times of crisis, habits change. And after observation, the behavior of the players showed that the online card game is in a clear progression, while the sports bets for football are momentarily on the sidelines. One reason for this: football enthusiasts, most of the same age as poker players, were able to easily slide into this online game, the disappearance of outdoor competitions helping. Online gaming winbet2u has remained alive and has been fueled by interdisciplinary sharing against a background of substitution, adaptation, and then growing passion.